Goal oriented, results focused.

Zebrablogs focuses on results. A blog is a powerful tool: it can drive traffic to your site, enhance your reputation, engage your target audience, and improve sales. It should always demonstrate your brand message or identity.

We believe in quantifiable results. Whether you want readers, traffic, sales, pagerank, links, comments, media coverage, advertising revenue, invitations to speak at conferences or even just compliments from cute friends, most success is measurable. You define the success, we help you achieve it. With Zebrablogs your goals are our goals.

Our blogs are read by thousands of people each week. They have been nominated for the Qantas Media Awards, and published in Longman educational textbooks and on forums including Mashable. If you would like evidence of our success please speak to us: with an agreement in place to protect our clients’ confidentiality we would be very happy to show you our stuff and brag until we are blue in the face.


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