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Founding director & senior editor

Matt has been working with words for over a decade. Since founding
Zebrablogs and WordZebra (formerly Pixifish Writing) with Anna in 2009, Matt and his team of writers have ghost written and edited hundreds of blogs, read by
hundreds of thousands of people. These blogs have been published on
clients’ websites, and also on forums including Mashable and

As well as helping other people write blogs, Matt is a writer and blogger
himself. In 2008 the New Zealand Herald published his dispatches from
the Mongol Rally. Following its success, the same newspaper published
his Kiwi Abroad series of blogs in 2009 and 2010. Both were nominated
for the Qantas Media Awards. Longman Educational Books in Hong Kong
also published excerpts from the series. Four of his travel stories were
published in the book Jandal Prints on the Globe, in 2008.

Before becoming a professional writer, Matt’s skill with words and attention
to detail were honed in service of a higher, if more tedious authority: the
law. As a lawyer, Matt drafted contracts for Goldman Sachs in London. As
he left in 2007, he was in no way responsible for the global financial crisis
(despite what his friends may tell you).

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Writer & editor

Safia’s eclectic mix of talents are united by her boundless curiosity and her
love for the written word. A professional archaeologist, Safia has
contributed to numerous excavation reports and monographs. In 2008 she
hung up her trowel to focus on writing full-time. Since then her methodical,
scientific and quirky mind has been busy ghost writing technology related
blogs, editing content for the research agency ImpactWise and writing
reports for major UK universities.

Safia hold a BSc in archaeology with 1st Class Honors from the University
of Sheffield, a Diploma in Computing with Distinction from the University of
Oxford and an MA in Creative Writing with Distinction from the University of
East Anglia.

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Writer & editor

Tim Cockburn is a widely published poet who holds a BA and an MA in
Creative Writing. He has been described by British poet Lavinia Greenlaw
as one of the UK’s best ‘emerging poets’. With an expert ear for English
prose registers and conventions, Tim works passionately and obsessively
as a copywriter and editor, specialising in the fields of literary and
scientific writing.

Tim graduated with distinction from the University of East Anglia’s Creative
Writing MA, where he received full funding from the Arts and Humanities
Research Council. He was also the recipient of the Institute Art Prize at the
Norwich University College of the Arts, where he completed his
undergraduate degree.

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Writer & editor

Chelsey has been working as a writer for over five years. She has written
for web and print clients ranging from University College Falmouth to
Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks, reviewed books and theatre for a range of
magazines and webzines, including Stranger Magazine and The Short
Review, and published short stories in a number of literary journals and
anthologies, including Route, Southword and Riptide.

Chelsey holds an MA in Creative Writing from the University of East Anglia
where she won the 2010 Curtis Brown Award for her writing. She was an
Arvon Mentee with Bernadine Evaristro in 2010 and has recently been
awarded funding from the UK Arts Council to complete her first novel.

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Writer & editor

Tom has a first-class degree in English literature and a Master’s with
Distinction in Creative Writing. He was a web editor and copywriter for City
Life, an arts magazine for the Manchester Evening News, and his work has
appeared in print and online. Tom is also an author, and is currently under
contract with Jonathan Cape, an imprint of Random House. His first novel
will be published in early 2012.

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Writer & editor

Richard is a published and award-winning poet, author, and medieval
historian whose extensive writing experience ranges from commercial
publishing, to local government and academic administration, to blogs. His
poems and short stories have appeared in UK national newspapers and
literary magazines, and have been collected in anthologies. He has also
published on medieval history and had a play staged. In 2008, his
chapbook The Magnolia was published by Rialto.

With a PhD in medieval history, Richard taught at the University of Bristol
for eight years. He gained a distinction from the Creative Writing program
at the University of East Anglia in 2010 and is currently completing a novel.
He blogs for the literary website of the poetry publisher, The Rialto.

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Your voice, our words

A good blog takes practice, skill, passion and a lot of time. Let one of our experts write it for you, so you can focus on your work and still benefit from a great blog. Don’t become another drop in the sea of average blogs, be the lighthouse.

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Your words, made perfect

Would you let a sheep shearer cut your hair? Or worse – do it yourself?
Get professional with a trained and experienced writer who will cut and
shape your words into a perfectly cropped masterpiece.

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Advice is nice

Is a blog right for your business? What can it achieve? How often should
you publish it? Who should write it? What do zebras have to do with
blogging? Talk to us for advice on all things blog.

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Do it yourself

Get your blog on with our tailored seminars, workshops, and training sessions, designed to help you and your crew improve your blog writing skills.

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